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We are always accepting resumes and we will keep your resume on file up to 1 year.  As of now we are not  hiring.

 Hardware Requirements for PC: 

  • Tele-Agent must have a newer PC with a Windows operating system, Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher, Vista or Windows 7.  
  • Mac users may also apply (additional testing may be needed to confirm compatibility for Mac users).
  • Tele-Agent must have a USB headset (An analog headset may suffice depending on your sound card).
  • Tele-Agent must have a broadband Internet connection such as Cable Internet or DSL.    (satellite and air cards connections ARE NOT supported). Must have high speed internet.
  • Google Chrome Browser, Gmail, Google Talk and Internet Explore 8 or higher.
  • Updated Version of Adobe flash player (If you use Google Chrome, your Adobe Flash is updated if Google Chrome is up to date).


The clients you will be working for are professional campaign managers, and they have been doing this for 20 + years; therefore, everything has to be done in compliance with federal laws and tax regulations. There are a few forms that you will be required to fill out, sign and send back before you send your first invoice. Along with your paperwork you will be sent our fax number to fax the paperwork back. 
All paperwork must be signed NOT typed in.  If we find it is not done as instructed you will be asked to do it again until it is right.  All forms are in PDF format and will have to be printed out and signed.
*All Paper work will be sent to you by email once you have been interviewed and hired. 
  • NDA- Non Disclosure Agreement- This for us to know that you will not go to another candidate and give out information about us or the candidate that you are working for.
  • Phone etiquette Form- This form describes how to speak on the phone positively and maintain a pleasant demeanor, and what to do and not to do while you are on the phone. By signing it, you acknowledge that you understand and will comply with all required phone etiquette.
  • W9 to get a 1099 for Taxes- You will need to sign this for taxes purposes.  This form also confirms that you are a legal citizen of the United States of America.
  • Username and Password Register forum- This form is for us to sign you a username and password to sign into the calling system.  This form is only one not in PDF, but in a word doc. This one can simply be typed in and emailed back. 

Pay Rate – We pay $9.00 to $10.00 an hour for every hour you are on the phone calling. Wage will depend on the campaign we are calling for.


Breaks – you can take a one -five minute break every hour you work, but breaks are not paid for , unless advised by your supervisors.  You will need to deduct breaks from your hours worked.


Training – Training is a 10 min video which we will send you a link to watch.  This video goes from opening your Google Chrome Browser to Signing out of the calling system. Training is not paid for unless advised by your supervisors.

PLEASE take notes.  Also the script you see on this is just a basic script, our script changes from campaign to campaign. 

 *Please put your resume, references, contact information, email addresses and a list of your hardware specifications in the BODY OF THE EMAIL, Not as an attachment.

*If you can not follow the instructions above you will not hear from us. 

Once we have received your resume, we will get back to you when we have work. 

*Please ONLY email your resume, references, contact information, email addresses and hardware specifications ONCE!

Please add to Subject line of your email: Tele-Agent Resume.

 Please send resume to: HR Dept:
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